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Graphics and Audiovisual

Visual identity

We offer a set of coherent visual elements

The visual identity.

Graphic design and printing

Good graphics are better than long speeches

Once the logotype and visual identity have been created, we design the charter that synthesizes the graphic principles, the typographical and color choices that will be available on all of your paper supports. In addition to graphic design services, we offer you the possibility of having all your documents printed through our network of partners equipped with the latest digital printing equipment and which produce first quality prints.

Photo and video report

Report, Photo advertising, Events, Portrait, Video

Photo services

Does your company need photos for its external communication?
Photo of the employees, photos of the premises, photos of the products that the company creates or sells …?
This is why Atout point of view offers photo reports in your company, so that you can have a whole range of photos directly at hand for perfect communication.

Over half a day or more, you will accompany us on a tour of the premises so that we can, according to your ideas, take pictures of your staff at work, your products, your premises. Thanks to your expectations, we will define together which photos will be expected.

  • Photo Shoot for half a day or more…
  • Photos of your company, your staff, your products,
  • All rights are transferred for unlimited use
  • A CD-ROM (or DVD-ROM) will be sent to you
  • Professional equipment for quality photos

Video services

Corporate film, launch of a new product, promotion of teams or illustration of significant events, your corporate films meet various objectives. Whoever they are, we support you in their realization, from writing to distribution:

  • Script writing
  • Staging, casting, coaching, coaching of speakers
  • Location: location search, filming authorizations, technical location and writing of the shooting plan
  • Filming in collaboration with experienced professionals: cameraman, director, sound engineer, lighting designer.
  • Editing: logging, research or musical composition, integration of computer generated images, mixing.
  • Export: compilation in the appropriate format depending on the medium (CD-Rom, VCD, DVD.

So that your audiovisual communication remains in memory of your audience

Unlike a corporate or documentary film which can last more than 40 minutes, the duration of an advertisement does not generally exceed a few seconds or a minute. The objective of the advertising spot is mainly to strengthen, enhance and confirm an image with a defined audience. The goal is therefore to promote an identity, to present new activities and know-how by reaching the maximum of people corresponding to the targeted profiles.