Tadeco Group

Think Digital !


A startup specializing in new technologies

Tadeco Group is a startup specializing in new technologies, offering comprehensive IT services, to support companies in digitizing their work processes.
Tadeco Group, and through its various departments: IT, Digital and Prod, supports you in the creation of graphic identity, web and mobile development and referencing of websites, management of social networks, Audiovisual production as well as digital marketing of your products and services.

Our team

Our goal is dedication to your service


Our Technology is at your disposal

Our team works on several technologies, development languages, platforms and advanced environments:

  • Dotnet and SharePoint
  • Windev
  • WordPress
  • Ionic
  • Mean stack

We group the most reliable IT methods

IT methods include:

  • analysis and design methods
  • evaluation methods
  • programming and software development methods
  • test methods
  • risk and security analysis methods
  • organizational methods
Our vision for the future

Our vision for the future is to help your company to be better digital

Digital transformation is evolving, from a cost factor it becomes an economic innovation. The challenge in this process is to harmonize the aspirations, awareness and availability of IT and business stakeholders in a single vision.

In today’s digital-driven economy, IT can no longer remain a passive support element for society and must become the engine of innovation and transformation.

We guarantee the agility and innovation required by the players in society while maintaining stability, security and efficiency.